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By April 26, 2015 Announcements

Hey FCC, have you heard Rod’s Top Five (and a half) reasons to go to Blue? Still a few more hours to register.


Top 5 Reasons to attend Blue 2015

1. Compelling Topics. We can’t talk about every cultural channel every Sunday morning, so we set aside a whole weekend to dive deep into hot issues. This year we will tackle care for the environment, immigration, education, stewarding your career, learning characteristics of leadership, and more.

2. Phenomenal Speakers. We have 15 amazing faculty members joining us for Blue15. (Full speaker list here.) They represent diverse influences on art, media, politics, business, and education. You get to see all of them and hear their stories. (Want a sneak peek? Click on the tag “Office Hours” to read short interviews.)

3. Work is hard. It is demanding. We can talk about integrating faith and vocation, but sometimes it is just hard on a day to day basis. We lose our kingdom imagination. What does it mean to leverage the position where God has placed me? How do I balance life and work?

[3.5 Snow Day. Blue is like a snow day for adults! It’s a great reason to skip work on a Friday.]

4. Networking goldmine. This is a great opportunity to connect with others at We are adding even more opportunities to connect with others in your channel and across interest areas.

5. Investment. This is the best $59 you can invest in yourself. ($59 price extended through April 30th.$99 at the door.)


Is there a colleague or friend that you want to share the experience with? Invite them to join you and register together. Plus, if you sign up this weekend we have copies of MakotoFujimura’s book, Culture Care, and insulated Blue travel cups. What are you waiting for?

 Learn something:


 Sip in style:


 See you on FRIDAY!

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Hi My Friend,

​​​I’d like to invite you to join me on March 24 & 25​ at Blue Conference
Blue is a two-day ​event​ designed to engage people thoughtfully in difficult conversations through curated talks​ (think Ted Talks). Together we’ll explore the ideas shaping our culture and ​explore how​ to find answers in a changing culture​ and embody the gospel in this moment.​ ​ I think you’ll enjoy the conference so I already purchased a ticket for you. Here is a sample of the topics and speakers:

· Sexual Brokenness and the Hope of the Gospel // Steve Arterburn
· Race, Faith and Hope for America // Dr. Michael Waters
· Rediscovering God: Reconciling Faith and Science // Mike McHargue
· The Science of Feeding the World // Dr. Hongda Chen
· Parenting in a Digital Age // Dr. Steven Argue
· Q & A – Refugees and Politics

Please let me know if you can join me as soon as possible.

Your Friend